Street Friends


Astraeus Apparel is passionate about giving back to the community and providing for charity. It’s why we’ve partnered up with StreetFriends WA, a local Perth, Australian charity dedicated to providing food and clothing support to the homeless. We’ve chosen to work closely with StreetFriends WA due to their inspiring mission to reintegrate the homeless back into society by providing them support, opportunities and most of all, the basic resources they truly need.

Holding weekly events, StreetFriends WA is a cornerstone in the local effort to tackle homelessness and helping those less fortunate, stand proudly back on their own feet once more. As a not-for-profit organization run entirely by passionate volunteers, StreetFriends WA is not Government supported and as such, relies entirely upon donations to fulfill their inspiring mission.

Astraeus Apparel is committed to donating 2.5% of every sale we make to the StreetFriends WA charitable cause. We also invite you to donate directly if you resonate with the StreetFriends WA mission. Help us assist those less fortunate find their reason to prosper. Thank you in advance!