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Geoff Seow


Geoff Seow and Joel Vrossink are two individuals hailing from the Land Down Under. Born and bred in Perth, Australia, Geoff and Joel had always found themselves caught up in the busy nature of life. Geoff, is the Founder of MindAxis Life Coaching and Joel, is a Smart Lighting System Integrator and together, they had two deep common interests. Fitness and Philosophy. They both loved the intense stress relief provided by fitness and as they found themselves under more life pressure, they gained freedom from exercise and staying dedicated to ancient wisdom. Geoff, is an avid Gym enthusiast and Marathon Runner, while Joel is a committed Martial Artist.

After years of using substandard gym wear and with their fitness regimes rapidly evolving, it soon became obvious that a new breed of gym wear was required. Geoff and Joel went to the drawing board and soon…Astraeus Apparel was born. Gym wear like no other, printed on Champion, we’ve designed it for the ambitious, resilient and fitness-oriented male, dedicated to leaving a positive, fulfilling impact upon the world. The same vision that drove Geoff and Joel to combine ancient wisdom, timeless design and most importantly, high quality gym wear.

The ultimate union of form, function and aesthetic. We present to you, Astraeus Apparel.